Unpublished Evalion Glamor
& Devotional Jpegs


This is a wonderful photo of Kalki-Ma holding a beautiful black cat on a recent trip to the States. She is the essence of contentment in this photo, and in the full size photo you can see the mystical quality of her samadhi-eyes, a trait of all avatars, yogesses, and saints. Dear Charlotte can also be seen holding firmly the paw of the cat. She has the powerful animal under control, and the cat is calm. All proceeds from sale of these photos go to keep Evalion alive, fed, and housed while she plans her next video to redpill the White West.

"Bliss Mother"
​This wonderful profile shot of Kalki-Ma was taken by Julian Lee during a chat with her, and she turned briefly and was listening with delight to an anecdote told by her mother. She is in a royal oriental gown in this photo, truly an embodiment of Guru, Avatar, and Divine Mother. Her beautiful smile is a feature in this photo, and you can see the beautiful woman Evalion is becoming while she makes spiritual war on behalf of Whites. Evalion has stated that she feels full of bliss after making any new video for saving the White Race. This photo was taken one day after she created a new video about Muslims and Canada.  You can see the bliss on her face.  A detail: Behind the Princess of Pickering there is her closet contaning items. Using gamma you can see them more clearly. (Most has been cropped out.) Although The Girl lives in a family in which there is hoarding, wich much clutter in the house and items constantly lost, Sri Evalion's closet is very clear and meticulously well organized, her clothing hanging in neat rows. This speaks of the "lotus" nature of the Incarnation of God. The lotus remains pristine and beautiful though growing in dark, brackish waters. Likewise, the Divine Incarnation, though living in the murk and the mire of human life, yet remains pristine, divine, untouched. The photo you get is 752 pixels wide.​


"Bro Beer, Grace Hand, Cheers to Us!" -- $10

Mother Shows Her Face!
 Evalion Grace Avatar,
 Mother Of Kalki (Destroyer Of Filth), Goddess Of European Survival
For your altar, meditation, or worship.
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Mother of Kalki (Kalki is the Destroyer of Filth.) An incarnation of Vishnu in this Kali Yuga. The 6 whiskers represent The Six Aryan Principles. The single tooth represents "Puncturing Degeneracy And Kosher Alt-Right With One Fatal Bite." The 3-pronged embracing-arms tilak represents the mastery over The Three Gunas and karmic limitation, the Trinity,  "Sticking The Fork To The Genocidalists"  European Christian Heritage, and Motherhood. The photo is very pretty in the larger size you'll get.

Evalion "Yellow Sash"
Age 15
Never published. You'll get a large 960 x 1280 Jpg image, downloadable after paying.
Very beautiful photo in full size.
It is possible to pay more than the $5 price, as support.

"Evalion's Braid"
Age 16
Pure female shakti and the avatar's teaching to Go Traditional was burdgeoning in her even at an early age. This is a very large .jpg, 1936 x 2592 and newly found.

Evalion's Girlhood Magnifying Glass

She has had it since age 12/7th grade,
acquired it by intrepid means, and has used it mostly for "looking at insects. Thats all. Ants, beetles and ladybugs." Part of her dharma of Looking Closer At Things. Comes with thank you note. A true artifact, historic item, and devotional relic. You will also receive a large-scale .jpg photograph below.

More Evalooms to come, including new original art!

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Own Evalion's Red Hat

Own the hat Evalion wore in her Missisagua protest video.

Original painting by Evalion,
"Stars." Signed by her.


Have you had a Visitation?


Friendship Bracelet made by Evalion in 7th Grade

 Click photo to see larger picture

Evalion made a number of these and gave them to her friends in the 7th Grade, age 12. This is one of 2 surviving bracelets, which she has kept and also worn for many years. A real piece of Evalion's personal life. Will also come with a thank you note from Evalion. The "R" stands for her old nickname in school, which she will tell you in the note. (You will be the first to know her childhood nickname.) You will also get the full-size (very large) photo of her wearing it (below).


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A Note from Julian Lee:
We lost the Evalooms processor because fans were over-paying (donating) Evalion for her items and it exceeded the processor's limits. Evalion's fundraising site is now here:

Please go there and help support her teaching work. The most powerful writing and teaching by this brave young woman is certainly still to come! She is developing rapidly as an artist, too, and there is no question that an authentic Evalion painting will one day be a rare and valuable investment and heirloom. There is no one quite like Evalion, and never will be another.
-- Julian Lee

Grace Arm &
Christmas Floral Dress, 2016, 

Age 19, Capacity, power, grace and munificence to European man. Never published. Image is 500 x 621, roughly the size of the painting photo in this center of Evalooms.com. This is our most popular photo. Many people order it because it transmits clearly the womanly yet divine grace, without effort, of Durgalon Kalki-Ma, Incarnation of Courage.